Rod's flagship event Path To Victory is a one day experience that is empowering,educational and entertaining. During this LIVE event Rod will teach you not only how to achieve your ultimate goals and create an extraordinary quality of life, but also to reveal the belief systems that are preventing you from reaching your full potential. Whether you have specific results you'd like to create, or you are just looking to take your life to the next level, Path To Victory is the answer to your personal and business success. GUARANTEED

At Path To Victory you will learn to:

* Increase your income
* PROVEN system to be DEBT FREE in 2-5 years or less!
* How to Turn your Excuses into RESULTS!
* Prospect and CLOSE New Customers or Distributors!
* Learn the Secrets of the REFERRAL Business!
* Overcome Procrastination.
* Overcome Your FEARS Forever!
* Improve & Develop Healthy Relationships.
* Manage your Time so you get MORE done in LESS time!
* Motivate Different Personalities.
* Recession Proof your Income.
* Contribute More to your Community.
* Build and Motivate a Strong Organizational Team!
* Secrets to Improving your Communication Skills!
* Increase Self-Confidence & Self Esteem.
* Develop the ‘I Always Win' Mentality.
* Get Over your Past to have a POSITIVE future!
* Overcome Fears of Rejection or Failure.
* ACT instead of RE-ACT to Problems & Challenges!
* How to become a RICH GIVER
* Much Much More.....

You will Leave This Event With the Confidence to Overcome Obstacles and learn New Skill Sets that will absolutely help you Achieve True Financial Freedom, Improve your Business and Personal Relationships and Accomplish Things You only Dreamed!!" ~ Rod